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Perfect Therapies Origin

The Spiritual Stuff !

It all began, circa 2006, when, after suffering an intimate injury during my son's birth, I had a wound that just wouldn't heal with conventional medicine. 

After nearly a year of persevering with different modalities, a family member, newly qualified in Aromatherapy created a blend of oils for me and within three days the wound was repaired! 

Consequently, my  Aroma journey began!

Until recently, my passion has only ever extended to healing family, friends myself and my pets and when an acquaintance suggested I should 'do this for a living' the business seemingly took off by itself! 

All in Divine Timing !....


The service quickly morphed into a comprehensive healing practice and whilst my initial passion with the Aromatherapy Oils remains intact, I have profoundly  embraced the    Angelic Usui Reiki method of energy healing and I'm soon to be a Reiki Master, able to pass on my methods to others.

Then  came the Mindfulness and Meditation sessions and with more Therapies and Services on the horizon, including Crystal Healing, Oracle Cards, Hypnotherapy for Past Life Regression and Qigong; just watch this spa ce!

The Technical Stuff !

I am a qualified, time-served Aromatherapist, Reiki Practioner and Mindfulness & Meditation Coach. 


Perfect Therapies 

Member of the Complementary Medical Association!

Perfect Therapies has been accepted as an Accredited Fully Qualified Practitioner for The Complementary Medical Association (CMA)

The CMA is renowned for having the highest Membership Standards for all its practitioners and organisations!​ 

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