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An ongoing series of informative entries for all drawn & interested Souls x

#6 Hyaluronic Acid 

Have you heard of Hyaluronic Acid?

It's a naturally occurring moisture in the body, which works as a lubricant and reduces as we mature; ultimately causing wrinkled skin.

Synthetically manufactured Hyaluronic Acid is currently trending with skincare companies.

In one form, it's added, expensively, to serums, to improve the appearance of our facial and décolleté skin, by repairing and hydrating the upper layers.

Did you know there is a natural alternative as an Aromatherapy Oil for this synthetically manufactured ingredient?

It is - the simple Rose🌹

Totally natural; in the form of high grade, steam-distilled 'Rose Otto'

Combine a drop of Perfect Therapies Rose and Patchouli 'Dewy' Blend with your daily skincare routine and lessen the effects of dryer skin and wrinkles for a fraction of the cost.

Message me below to enquire further, or navigate to my online order form at

Loving our 'perfectly imperfect' skin 🌿❤️

Sarah x

#5 - Immune System Boosting!

I think we can all agree, our Immune Systems are being tested more so than ever at the moment!

​I realised yesterday, my family and I haven't had a single cold in just over a year!

Maybe, a combination of the lockdowns, extra hand-washing reminders in place for the general public, and greater protection overall from air-borne bacteria, but maybe, just maybe, a contributory factor in our improved health is the 'Immune Support Blend' we have been using more consciously.

I've definitely realised I've been mixing this particular blend for the family more often without thinking too much about the frequency.

I've been blending:

Oregano, Melaleuca, Rosemary, Clove and Frankincense, together with Sweet Almond Oil which, overall, provides antibacterial, antifungal, anti-infectious, anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic properties to the Respiratory System along with being antiviral and an Immune System stimulant.

Alongside a balanced diet, hydration, exercise and rest,  I just love the idea, that this 100% natural secret weapon has contributed to boosting our Immune Systems defences at a time when we all need - all the help we can get.

If you would like to know more about the blend or would like to jump straight into ordering one for yourselves for just £12.00 + p&p, simply follow the link below to the online health questionnaire.

Namaste x

 #4 - End of Life Reiki... 

Having experienced two end-of-life Reiki sessions since my last blog; the first, with a sweet six-week premature calf abandoned by its heifer at a friend's farm over the summer and secondly, with a much-loved family member more recently.  I felt drawn to journal it here.

The statement 'Reiki promotes healing' may therefore pose the question, "why can Reiki not prolong my loved one or pet's life?"

Reiki can assist the peaceful transition of a loved one or fur baby during the end of life process and bring comfort and soothing to their soul whether they are conscious at the end or not. 

It is widely believed in the spiritual community, when a soul incarnates into a physical body, be it animal or human, it has 'signed-up' to a 'contract' to experience certain situations and scenarios during its physical lifetime. 

Hopefully, when the time comes to transition back to Source energy, the soul has been able to 'tick off' those experiences on its spiritual checklist. 

We've heard the old adage "when your time is up, it's up" and I believe never a truer word was said. 

The soul is assigned here to the Earth plane for a set amount of time and when that time is up, nothing can prolong our experience here.

Providing a loved one or pet with support at the end and thanking them on a soul level for being who they were to us and asking them to not feel regrets and only love as they transition, is believed to greatly assist with the end of life process.

To gently feed Source energy, through Reiki, into their depleted physical bodies can be of great comfort for our weary loved one or pet at the end. 

As remainers, we can actively see the peace take over their physical body where maybe there was pain or discomfort before .

So whilst Reiki is not able to 'save' life at the end, the understanding that Reiki can visibly lessen agitation or pain can be a great comfort to all. 

I've found it soothing in my death experiences to create a peaceful, loving, calm environment for my loved ones transition with their favourite music playing or the recanting of cherished memories, and I've taken comfort in remembering the hearing of a transitioning loved one is the last of the five senses to go ♥ 

Namaste x

#3 - Another new convert!

I n my blogs, although 'I believe', I do not wish to portray a totally biased one-way view of everyone I encounter thinking the same!

I have encountered client's who wish for 'assistance' being at their wit's end or wanting 'miracles' and approaching me for help with oils or healing, but do not necessarily believe, (in the 1st instance!)

A friend of a friend approached me (usually the way clients' find me is through sharing their amazing results with others), his friend did not really believe in complementary medicine, but having tried many other avenues with his skin outbreaks thought he had nothing to lose and would 'give it a go'....

They were finding it hard to believe their diet had anything to do with the outbreak of their skin and doubted the advice when I explained the need for copious amounts of water to cleanse the toxins from our bodies.  

Our precious skin is the largest organ in/on our bodies and is a true external indicator of what is going on internally.

  I liken the skin to one big road map of the internal/physical being, which 'shouts out' to us in the form of manifesting dis-ease when something is not right internally.

After the initial consultation and safety checks, I blended;  Melaleuca,  Juniper Berry,  Copaiba,  Manuka and  Frankincense together with some Almond Oil, asked for blessings with Palo Santo and popped it in the post with a safety sheet and his instructions for use.

A few days later I had an update with brilliant feedback of the results and confirmation of another new convert to Aroma! 

My message here I guess is never underestimate the power of Aromatherapy Oils!

Namaste x 

#2 - Fighting with   - Healing Cats!

My first ever experience with treating one of my pets was during my time living on the island of Cyprus.

I had rescued a big ginger furball (or did he rescue me?!) the characteristic mountain flora in my garden high above the sea in Paphos, were made up of many kinds of wild grasses and even more kinds of wild-life!!!

It's not uncommon in Cyprus to have ticks on your furry friends  due to the long grasses which they love to hunt in  and also for them to develop Lyme disease as a result.


One such critter buried itself in my boy's skin and after being plucked out, had left a nasty wound on the side of his face.

Mouse (a fabulous name for a cat!!) had scratched at the sore making it worse and it developed further into a localised infection which resulted in hair loss and his discomfort. 

At this time, I was still partly in the mindset of conventional synthetic treatments (not to disrespect those) and off we trotted to the vets.

I applied (with many a fur flying fight) the vets cream, which caused much stress between Mouse and I and which had him running for the hills whenever I approached him, he had become increasingly wary of my applying the cream to his sore patch. 

Ultimately, this stressed him out and resulted in him breaking out of his daily r outine and staying out for days in 'stand-off mode' whilst he sulked and avoided me like the plague.

After several days of attempting to catch him to apply the cream, which then had to be lathered and spread around the wound and which glued his fur and was, imaginably foul-tasting when he groomed.  I  took further advice from the vet who suggested I give him a break for a few days as the stress was probably adding to the issue of the outbreak.

During this time I recalled my affinity with Aromatherapy Oil use for my family and the quick healing results they brought and ta-dah, dug out my Lavender Oil.


We've all heard of Lavender right? 

Only good for the scented flowery underwear drawer bags that granny makes at her sewing circle for birthdays!

N ot so!

Amongst other properties, Lavender is antifungal, anti-infectious, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and antiseptic and because of its consistency, there was no need to 'catch, lather and smear' I simply dripped the oil neat (Lavender is one of a handful of oils which can be used neat on the skin) as my boy ate from his food bowl and he never felt a thing!


Within the magical three days, the redness had subsided, there was scabbing, indicative of healing and most importantly he did not 'hot-foot' it away whenever he saw me approach! 

After seven days the hair had started to grow back and all was eventually well, phew!  

Namaste x

(Please always seek medical advice for one's pets and follow manufacturing contraindications)

#1 - In the Beginning!

So w elcome in! To this, my 1st ever info space entry for the new Perfect Therapies site!  You are so very welcome to join me here :)

If you've checked out my site already, you may have seen, the Perfect Therapies Creation sub-page which  I talked about shortly after my son was born in 2006 when I was left with an intimate wound that just wouldn't heal. After many trips to the doctor (not to lambaste conventional synthetic medicine) and many tablets, creams and yes, suppositories later, saw the wound still as raw as ever. 

Alongside the general aches & pains, ups & downs and emotional roller-coaster which arise with a new baby being born, I was also greatly suffering from this wound to the point of being physically debilitated some days.

My much-treasured aunt, a nurse of thirty years and newly qualified Aromatherapist had seen enough of my suffering and insisted I use the blend she had lovingly prepared for me and voila! overnight after using the blend once, I could already feel the difference.

What relief!


After three, twice-daily applications in a carrier oil, I no longer had the searing pain or discomfort I'd felt for the previous year and my overall demeanour improved ten-fold.

I was joyful once again and a pleasure to be around and it really felt as though a weight had been lifted off me!!

From then on I became interested in the healing process using Aromatherapy Oils; not only for their physical healing properties, as I had experienced first-hand, but on an emotional level too.

The uncanny ability the Oils have to lift or lighten a mood, to calm an anxious part of the day or settle our minds at night is phenomenal and even though I believe wholeheartedly in them, I am still blown away with the feedback clients provide  after using one of my bespoke blends.

My life in this now moment is dedicated to bringing awareness of the natural healing abilities of Aromatherapy Oils, which, whilst being a widely known 'word' in itself, belies a wonderful world of ancient wisdom at our fingertips.

So many of us have been conditioned to immediately turn to synthetic medicines to aid us when there is always a natural alternative.

Give it a go today, what have you got to lose??? 

Namaste x

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