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Oracle Card Booking Form

Please click on the link to order an Oracle Card pull.

Oracle Cards Decks


Oracle Cards are a medium for channelling life-force energy in the form of personal messages, guidance 

and affirmations.

Clients can select the option to incorporate an Oracle Card pull into a Reiki session or as a stand-alone service.

The cards will be selected in meditation, purposefully, for what it is you're being guided to know at the time of requesting the Oracle Cards.

The selection will be provided in written form for longevity (card faces and meanings) via email.

Credits to Toni Carmin Salerno, Blue Angel Publishing, Colette Baron-Reid, Alberto Villoldo, Maecela Lobos, Jena DellaGrottaglia & Hay House.

Perfect Therapies 

Member of the Complementary Medical Association!

Perfect Therapies has been accepted as an Accredited Fully Qualified Practitioner for The Complementary Medical Association (CMA)

The CMA is renowned for having the highest Membership Standards for all its practitioners and organisations!​ 

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