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Just as Reiki is therapeutic for humans, it's also a wonderful way of holistically treating your horses as either a stand-alone therapy or by symbiotically working alongside your chosen vet. 

Horses can suffer from so many physical, mental and emotional illnesses, laminitis, tendon issues, torn ligaments, muscle problems, back problems and gut disorders along with mental blocks such as anxiety, stress & even autism, that can present as anger, being uncooperative or simply having bad manners due to their underlying pain/discomfort.

Whether you're wanting Reiki for you and your horse to become a better team or just seeking the therapy for your horse's ailments, I have many years of experience both as a horse owner and working with horses and I'd be happy to help.

My interest in Equine Reiki began when I witnessed a healer 'fix' my old hacker's shoulder pain some twenty + years ago. 

As a result, he no longer needed to be fed Bute. 

It totally changed his life!

I also have experience with end-of-life transitional Reiki for when your horse comes to the end of their lives, helping them to pass over with dignity and peace.

Yard/home visits in the Wigan, Chorley, Preston and Bolton and surrounding areas, further afield by arrangement and/or by Distance Reiki.

Contact me for further information

07923 477 468

Fees from £80.00

Perfect Therapies is a Member of the Complimentary Medical Association!

Perfect Therapies has been accepted as an Accredited Fully Qualified Practitioner for The Complimentary Medical Association (CMA)

The CMA is renowned for having the highest Membership Standards for all its practitioners and organisations!​ 

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